Tips for Car Air Conditioning

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Tips to Care for Your Car Air Conditioning

As Australia heads into the sweltering summer months, the heat and humidity are expected to soar. During the summer, car ACs have to work multiple hours daily which may end up in increased chances of malfunctioning. In such weather, taking care of your car’s air conditioning is very essential.

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It is better and cheaper to maintain your car’s AC than to get it repaired.

Here are some tips to ensure that your car air conditioning system works well throughout the summer months.

Car Air Conditioning Tips

5 ways to keep your car air conditioning in good health:

Run the AC for at least 10 minutes every week

If your car does not get regular usage, that can often lead to issues in the system. So, ensure to run the AC for 10 minutes once every week at least to maintain proper gas pressure which helps keep the compressor in good condition. This can also be an excellent practice in winter to keep the AC functional. For better results, you can also run the AC in defrost mode for 5 to 10 minutes weekly to prevent dust and mould growth in the vents and drains.

Never turn on AC without airflow

When summer is at its peak, many people prefer to switch on their car air conditioning a few minutes before getting in the car. This is because it is more pleasant to get into a nice and cool car. However, this pre-cooling process can lead to many problems with the car ACs. It always works better when there is proper airflow which is possible only after you start driving. So, to prevent any damage to the AC system, it is best to switch it on when the car is running.

Keep the car’s interiors clean

If you want your AC to work properly, it is imperative to keep the car’s interiors clean from dust and debris. Use a vacuum at regular intervals to clean the seats and carpets. This will prevent dirt from clogging up the AC vents. Another way to keep your car clean is to hire professional car AC cleaners to do a thorough service at the start of summer. Doing this once a year can help avoid many expensive repairs in the future.

Park your car carefully

Sometimes, you might park your car under direct sunlight. This way, it can get extremely hot inside, and when you return, the car AC has to work double-time to get the car cool again. If this happens repeatedly, it can cause an overload in the cooling system. To avoid this, simply parking your car under shade can help save much money on repairs.

Get it checked by an expert

A common mistake one can commit is trying to fix a car’s air conditioning using online tutorials. However, there is a reason why professionals are trained and hired to perform these critical repairs. DIY repairs never last long and damage the parts of the AC system. If you ever find inadequate or erratic cooling or dripping or smelly vents in the car, then go to a professional mechanic immediately. They have the necessary tools and skills to diagnose and fix the issue. You will end up saving more money in the long run and will not have to suffer uncomfortably during the summer months.

These are some essential tips to keep your car AC in good working condition. You should follow the guidelines and observe any weird changes in the normal functioning. If you still face any car AC-related issues, contact Melbourne Mobile Auto Air to get the best repair service in the North Melbournearea. We have growing customer testimonials to confirm our service’s quality and competitive pricing. Our expert team will identify the issue by thoroughly checking the AC system. With years of experience, we serve our clients with the best solutions possible. We believe in providing transparent service and achieving maximum customer satisfaction.

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