Logbook Servicing

Vehicle Maintenance Logbook Service In Melbourne

Whenever you buy a vehicle, it comes with a logbook containing specifications, and recommendations from the car manufacturer. You can provide this logbook to our authorised service centre and get your vehicle serviced. A reliable car logbook service ensures that your vehicle is well-maintained and boosts its resale value. Melbourne Mobile Auto Air takes care of all your logbook services without voiding your warranty.

We offer comprehensive car logbook services for cars of all makes and models. Every major and minor serviceincluded in your logbook will be taken care of appropriately. These include:

Our minor services include the following:

  • Replacement of engine oil and oil filter
  • Check and top-up all fluids
  • Tyre pressure checks, including your spare
  • Check and cleaning of air filters
  • Check the fuel filter and fuel lines
  • Check brakes and clutch system
  • Clear service warning lights
  • Adjust the handbrake
  • Steering and suspension checks
  • Lube all doors
  • Check battery, including charging
  • Check all electrical systems
  • Safety check and full report

Our major service will include:

  • Replacement of spark plugs
  • Check, clean and adjust brakes
  • Check the clutch components
  • Check steering and suspension
  • Check the exhaust system
  • Clear service warning lights
  • Carry out computer diagnostic scan
  • Check or replace the battery
  • Check the electrical system
  • Free wash and vacuum
  • Free VACC 5-point safety check and safety certificate

Maintaining Your Car’s Manufacturer Warranty

Your vehicle’s warranty is safe with us. Melbourne Mobile Auto Air offers logbook services without voiding your manufacturer’s warranty. We use only authentic spare parts from original manufacturers and suppliers to meet and exceed manufacturer standards.As confirmed by the ACCC, you can get your logbook stamped by any authorised mechanic with the necessary logbook qualifications. You must run a thorough check and see whether the service station meets all the essential requirements.

Melbourne Mobile Auto Air is an authorised car service station that can carry out logbook services efficiently. We also maintain a customer history to track every customer’s maintenance and servicing history. Our team can help you with your car servicing regularly, reminding you of your service when it’s due. All the services are carried out by experienced motor mechanics who adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines and use only quality vehicle parts.

When it comes to logbook service, you should trust the one who provides you with high-quality services and also protects your vehicle’s warranty and authenticity. Choosing our car logbook service provides you access to personalised, high-quality service. Our expert mechanics will keep you informed about any part needing replacement and stamp your logbook following the manufacturer’s guidelines and specifications.

At Melbourne Mobile Auto Air, we care about your vehicle’s health and maintenance and provide the most efficient logbook services. We ensure the complete safety and security of your vehicle. So call us on 0499 761 548 or email us at vicauto@tpg.com.au for more information about our services.